Booking Proposal


This booking cycle is for appointments in December - February in Berkeley, as well as my guest trip to Ventura, CA in December.

I will tattoo at Black Penny Tattoo in Ventura, CA on December 17, 19, & 20.

Please be sure to read my Policies + FAQs prior to submitting a booking proposal. Submitting a booking proposal indicates that you have read my Policies + FAQs in their entirety and agree to comply with them.

I continue to require that all clients be vaccinated and wear an N95 mask during appointments, including during guest spots.

My rate is $175/hour with a 1.5 hour minimum. My sliding scale rate is $150/hr with a 1.5 hour minimum. My sliding scale rate is only available in Berkely. I cannot offer sliding scale rate during guest trips because I need to cover the costs of travel expenses. Expect higher deposit amounts for guest tattoos.

Submitting a proposal is not a guarantee of booking. If I am interested in your proposal, I will respond via email. It can take me anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks to respond. Please be patient and keep an eye on your inbox.

During this booking cycle I will prioritize tattoos that depict:

-Flash + “Want To Do” ideas (you can view these on Instagram in the highlights)

-Pieces that are entirely abstract

-Pieces that combine realism + abstraction

-Pieces that utilize my abstraction technique where I trace lines + shapes from photos

-Botanicals + florals, both realist + abstracted

-Animals, fish, insects


-Ear + finger tattoos

-Ancient marble sculptures

-Portraits + human figures

-Gradient shapes with negative space lines

-Interesting objects + funky still lifes 

-Metallic + chrome + shiny stuff

Thanks for submitting!

I will reach out via email if I am interested in working with you :)