Booking Proposal


This booking cycle is for late August - Oct/Nov at Modern Electric Studio in Berkeley, CA. 

Please be sure to read my Policies + FAQs prior to submitting a booking proposal. Submitting a booking proposal indicates that you have read my Policies + FAQs in their entirety and agree to comply with them.

I continue to require that all clients be vaccinated and wear an N95 mask during appointments. Taking a Covid test before your appointment is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

Submitting a proposal is not a guarantee of booking. If I am interested in your proposal, I will respond via email. 


I typically tattoo on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. There will be some wiggle room as there are some weeks where I will schedule things differently, but for the most part I will stick to this schedule. I usually schedule appointments for 1:00pm, which allows those who typically work M-F/9-5 to work a half day before coming in. My weekend slots fill up fastest, so weekday availability will give you priority!

My rate is now $175/hour. For more info on rates + pricing, including sliding scale rates, please read my Policies + FAQs.

During this booking cycle I will prioritize tattoos that depict:

-Flash + “Want To Do” ideas (you can view these on Instagram in the highlights)

-Pieces that are entirely abstract

-Pieces that combine realism + abstraction

-Pieces that utilize my abstraction technique where I trace lines + shapes from photos

-Botanicals + florals, both realist + abstracted

-Animals, fish, insects


-Ear + finger tattoos

-Ancient marble sculptures

-Portraits + human figures

-Gradient shapes with negative space lines

Thanks for submitting!

I will reach out via email if I am interested in working with you :)